Much of Smith Naturals’ current research and development centers on an herb which has come to be known variously as “the miracle medicine,” “the fountain of youth,” a challenge to Big Pharma’s hormone replacement therapy drugs, and “the Herb of the Decade” – specifically, Pueraria mirifica, a widely-growing vine indigenous only to Thailand.

The amazing preventive, curative, and cosmetic properties of this herb have been known to Thai culture for hundreds of years, and extracts from the root of Pueraria mirifica (known in Thai as Kwao krua kao) are claimed by mainstream medical researchers, physicians, and herbalists to have positive effects on a wide variety of conditions and natural processes, including

  • slowing the aging process: anti-wrinkle agent; hair darkener, strengthener, and growth promoter; breast firming
  • counteracting memory loss
  • alleviating cataract and other vision problems
  • increasing energy, vigor, flexibility
  • increasing blood circulation
  • increasing appetite
  • alleviating sleep disorders
  • preventing and aiding rehabilitation from strokes
  • alleviating the effects of menopause
  • restoring vaginal health and elasticity
  • countering osteoporosis
  • prostate enlargement in men
  • increasing libido and sexual vitality for men in its form as Butea superba (in Thai, kwao kreu daeng)

Perhaps the most significant effect derived from Pueraria mirifica (PM) is best summarized in the title of an article published in April 2008 by the Health Sciences Institute: “Obscure Thai ‘super herb’ beats Big Pharma’s hormone replacement therapy.”

Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica

Scientifically-validated studies indicate that PM relieves post-menopausal symptoms just as well as conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with no potentiating side effects. As further testing continues to validate these effects, the production and use of Pueraria mirifica will indeed become one of the major medical breakthroughs for women’s health.

It is for good reason that this extraordinary herb was given a species name (mirifica) that translates as “miracle-maker.” (Pueraria is simply the Latin name for the climbing vine commonly known as kudzu.)

One might ask, if Pueraria mirifica is so good, why isn’t it sold everywhere? Of course, many people would jump at the opportunity to market or buy a natural, anti-aging supplement that also enhances sexual vitality. In fact, Solgar (a top U.S. brand of vitamins and supplements) already sells a product name PM PhytoGen Complex, which combines a standardized extract of Pueraria mirifica with B12, folic acid, and biotin. Another company selling Pueraria mirifica supplements is Arizona based Longevity Plus with their HRT Plus (Herbal Remedy from Thailand) formula marketed to physicians and healthcare professionals.

Pueraria mirifica is widely available in Thailand, but in non-standardized forms. Smith Naturals already processes and sells a patented, standardized Pueraria mirifica known a Puresterol®, and with a decade of testing on safety and effectiveness, we are well positioned to enter widespread global marketing.

Puresterol®l is a registered trademark of the joint venture between Smith Naturals and Bio-Botanica in Happauge, New York. Bio-Botanica, a leading manufacturer of Holistically Balanced botanical extracts since 1972, processes crude Pueraria mirifica, supplied exclusively by Smith Naturals. Bio-Botanica’s world renown manufacturing facility is FDA registered, Pharmaceutically Licensed, Kosher, and in cGMP and SOP compliance; they recently received certification as an organic manufacturing facility processor from Quality Assurance International (QAI). (

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