You can come up with your own ideas for both cosmetic and dietary supplements. Our research team can support product development through to the preparation of FDA documents.

Working Process
  1. If you have an idea to formulate a new skin care product, you can send Smith Naturals the product concept, and we will give advice where necessary. The product concept should include expectations concerning appearance, texture and absorption, as well as the pricing policy. SN can reformulate existing products to replace synthetic ingredients with natural alternatives.
  2. Once the concept has been agreed upon, Smith Naturals will research suitable active ingredients according to customer requirements for efficacy. Ingredients may be sourced from several different suppliers.
  3. Smith Naturals will research and identify base ingredients, while making sure that all ingredients are not restricted by ASEAN/EU harmonization regulations (or similar rules in other territories).
  4. Smith Naturals will pay particular attention to the preservatives. We do not use Parabens, and we use natural preservatives wherever possible.
  5. Smith Naturals does not use mineral oils, paraffin, or petroleum derivatives in its formulations.
  6. Once the research has been completed, Smith Naturals will select the most suitable OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to handle production. At present, we mainly work with OEMs in Thailand and the USA.
  7. The entire process normally takes 4-6 months for a new formula to be developed and pass all testing.
  8. Once testing is completed to satisfaction, Smith Naturals will send a product sample to the client for future reference.