Pueraria Mirifica is a plant for medicine purpose specializing in female hormone supplement. Pueraria Mirifica has found in Northeastern of Thailand and some countries in southeast asia but there are different species and qualities from Pueraria Mirifica.

Pueraria mirifica is a climbing plant which likes to grow up in the tiding with trees on the mountain. There have some small leaves on each branch and purple blooms on top. But the most important ingredients of the plant are found at its root. And this root has been used in Thailand for more than 700 years and they call “Kwao krua kao”.

Pueraria Mirifica Health Benefits

Pueraria mirifica health benefits are claimed by mainstream medical researchers, physicians, and herbalists to have positive effects on a wide variety of conditions and natural processes, including

  • Slowing the aging process, anti-wrinkle agent, hair darkener, strengthener, growth promoter, and breast firming.
  • Counteracting memory loss.
  • Alleviating cataract and other vision problems.
  • Increasing energy, vigor, flexibility.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Increasing appetite.
  • Alleviating sleep disorders.
  • Preventing and aiding rehabilitation from strokes.
  • Alleviating the effects of menopause.
  • Restoring vaginal health and elasticity.
  • Countering osteoporosis.
  • Prostate enlargement in men.
  • Increasing libido and sexual vitality for men in its form as Butea superba (in Thai, kwao krua dang)

Pueraria Mirifica Raw Material.

Perhaps the most significant effect derived from Pueraria mirifica (PM) is best summarized in the title of an article published in April 2008 by the Health Sciences Institute: “Obscure Thai ‘super herb’ beats Big Pharma’s hormone replacement therapy.” Moreover, in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research published a study in September 2009, entitled “The mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of the traditional phytoestrogen-rich herbs, Pueraria mirifica and Pueraria lobata.” was supporting that Pueraria mirifica can be used as safe dietary supplements and cosmetics. And in Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health (similar to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the U.S.) officially endorses Pueraria mirifica is safety and efficacy.  It is for good reason that this extraordinary herb was given a species name (mirifica) that translates as “miracle-maker.” (Pueraria is simply the Latin name for the climbing vine commonly known as kudzu.)

Reference from puresterolpm.com