Smith Naturals has many products from Plantolin such as Raw ingredients, Acne Facial Foam, Acne Facial Mousse, Acne Lotion, Foot Cream, Soap, Soothing toner . Let’s see the details by each product as below.



Plantolin® (Phytoplenolin® in the US) is a patented herbal extract clinically tested to heal and rejuvenate skin faster than any product available on the market. Plantolin® is a COX 1 and COX 2 inhibitor and a cell proliferator. Plantolin® promotes skin cell renewal and healing to reduce inflammation and scale, protects skin after sunburn.

Skin Treatment

Acne Facial Foam with Plantolin

Cleansing Foam contains Plantolin®, the extract of Centipeda Cunninghami. A patented all natural plant extract from Australia, with proven anti-inflammatory actions. Cleansing Foam effectively cleans, clears, blocked and clogged pores, blemishes, acne spots, pimples and other skin problems. Moreover eliminates dead and decaying skin cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye unclogs pores that make facial skin look dull. Cleansing Foam also contains VC-IP, a fat soluble Vitamin C, making skin brighter and Catalase, an anti-oxidant that breaks down sebum into water and oxygen.

Acne Facial Mousse with Plantolin

Facial Mousse is the perfect facial wash product for dry to normal skin. Even those without acne can use Facial Mousse. With natural standardized herbal extracts, to repair the skin.

Acne Lotion with Plantolin

The perfect solution for the skin acne problem and make skin healthier. And all this active ingredients are powerful to reduce acne caused with Plantolin® and Tocomin® as an Anti-Oxidant helps in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, scar healing also make your skin lighter with Sodium ascorbyl phosphate as a pure vitamin C.

Foot cream with Plantolin

Plantolin Healing Foot Cream with Plantolin extract has powerful regenerating properties healing dry hands, cracked heels, peeling or flaking skin caused by overexposure to water and harsh substances from detergents, bleaching agents, chemicals and acids; scaling and crusting; athlete’s foot caused by fungal infection of the feet, burning and itching between the toes, smelly feet, redness and cracked of skin.

Plantolin Soap

Plantolin® soap is the perfect facial wash, product for all skin types in both men and women. Even those without acne can use. With natural standardized herbal extract from Australia to repair the skin, proven anti-inflammatory actions.

Soothing toner with Plantolin

A specially formulated which contains Plantolin®, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Fullerene and Aloe barbadensis leaf powder is a complete solution to help inhibit bacteria, skin repairs cause by acne, protect and repairs the skin from UV and rejuvenates skin also improves skin lighter and brighter.

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