I would like my current products to be more green. How can Smith Naturals help me?

Smith Naturals can source many raw materials which have eco certification or are certified organic. We can also source containers which are biodegradable. Customers should note that these requests will increase costs; however, prices should still be affordable.

What type of research and product development can Smith Naturals handle?

Smith Naturals is a research and development company for natural products. We can create new products for supplements, herbal candies, tonics and skin care according to customer requirements. Once the formula has been accepted by the customer we then commence stability testing, and when required, packaging compatibility testing. Production batches are checked against laboratory samples in order to check for consistency of colour, texture and quality.

Smith Naturals will select the best ingredients from suppliers worldwide in order to meet customer requirements. We can also select packaging according to customer specifications and budgets. We can assist the customer with product directions and claims. We are not a branding company, and, therefore, we do not advise customers about brand names or logos.

How can I be sure about the quality of Smith Naturals products?

Smith Naturals products are manufactured at OEM (original equipment manufacturers) facilities which have SOP (standard operating procedures) which comply with GMP (good manufacturing practice). Many of the facilities we use are certified ISO9001: 2000.
A rigorous microbiological examination precedes each product shipment. The microbiology lab tests each raw material and each finished product for bacteria, yeast, molds and fungus. No products are released without approval from the Quality Control division (QC).

Product Guarantee: All finished products are guaranteed for a set period from date of manufacture, normally two years. If any product suffers from a quality or stability problem it will be replaced at no cost to you. Customers for bulk products should note that their filling facility should be liable for any contamination during the filling process.

I have an idea for a skin care product. How can Smith Naturals help me develop it?

Smith Naturals will listen to the customer’s formulation proposal and consider if it is practical and economically viable. SN will then proceed to prepare samples for customer approval, until a product is made which meets customer requirements. A formulation fee may be charged to new customers, which will be deducted from the first order. SN keeps formulas confidential and will not reveal them to third parties unless required to do so by a court of law. SN has signed confidentiality agreements (NDAs) with our OEM facilities. Our goal is to help you bring your ideas to market to your best advantage.

What is the definition of “natural” in the cosmetics industry?

The Natural Products Association states that "natural personal care products must be made from 95% natural ingredients. Those ingredients must come from a renewable/plentiful resource found in nature and contain no petroleum compounds."

What are neutraceuticals?

The word is a union of the words nutrition and pharmaceuticals. It describes dietary supplements which are derived from plants.

What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products which claim to have drug-like benefits; for example, anti-aging capabilities.

What are nutricosmetics?

Nutricosmetics are products which are taken orally to improve health and beauty.

Will Smith Naturals help me to obtain FDA approval in my country?

We cannot, however we will assist you by supplying the PIF (Product Information File) and preparing the documentation which will have to be reviewed by your local FDA or equivalent organization. These documents will include:

  • Certificate of Product Origin
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Formulation
  • Contract Manufacturer Appointment Letter
  • Product Dossier (EU and ASEAN)

We will arrange for the appropriate documents to be endorsed by your embassy, and then forward the file to you for local registration. Please note the customer will be asked to pay for all notarization fees, which vary from one embassy to another.

Does Smith Naturals handle its own manufacturing?

No, we subcontract manufacturing to carefully selected manufactures which meet the highest standards and are registered GMP. At present, we primarily work with facilities in Thailand and the USA.

Is Smith Naturals a Thai company?

Yes, Smith Naturals is registered in Thailand with the Department of Business Development, Bangkok. We have both Thai and Western management and personnel.

What is the origin of the name Smith?

Smith is an Anglicization of the Sanskrit word smitee which means "success"

Can I buy supplements which include Pueraria mirifica (Pm)?

Yes, Solgar distributes their Pm formula PM Phytogen Plus in the USA, UK and some other markets. Longevity Plus sells their Pm formula HRT Plus to the physicians market and over the internet.

Can skin care products be formulated with natural preservatives?

A:Skin care products can be formulated with natural preservatives; however, those with essential oils require very high concentrations to be effective. They have offensive odors and add color that may be unacceptable. In another way, we can use preservative alternatives; one of them, Stabil, exhibits a synergistic, broad spectrum, antimicrobial activity. Stabil is globally approved, doesn’t contain ingredients commonly recognized as preservatives or allergens, and therefore allows the claim “preservative-free” to be added to the formulated product.

Is perfume a natural ingredient?

All perfumes come from natural ingredients. However, their manufacture constitutes a synthetic process. We can formulate substitute fragrances with edible flavours or essential oils.

I want to sell Smith Naturals products under my own label. What is the minimum quantity I can order?

Bulk products can be ordered in small amounts, however there will be increased charges for orders below 200 kg. Finished products in printed tubes and bottles (including filling, packaging and packing) start at 10,000 pieces. Smaller runs can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

How are finished products shipped to the customer?

Products are shipped by air freight and sea freight. Small shipments weighing up to 10 kgs can be sent by a courier service.

What are the customs procedures for sending samples by courier?

Smith Naturals will ship all samples with an ingredient list and product description in order for local customs to easily identify the contents. The customer is responsible for local customs duties and any clearance fees.